Previa/ hair care

Natural cosmetics with professional performances, good to you and environmental-friendly. A unique and effective experience of genuine beauty in perfect harmony with nature. Your daily beauty routine turns into a gesture of love for the planet.

Formulas composed of up to 97,5% ingredients of natural origins and from organic farming. The “Vegan quality Certification” guarantees that no ingredients or components of animal origins are present. On each production lot, the Nickel* value is checked in order to make it suitable also for the most sensitive skins.

High performing natural products with flawless, long-lasting, healthy and at the same time environmental-friendly effects. Sensory cosmetic experiences that by means of tactile, chromatic and olfactory suggestions generate well- being for body and mind.

Eco-compatible products obtained by employing raw materials with low environmental impact. A packaging studied up to the smallest detail, in the sign of maximum sustainability. That is why we prefer recycled materials, obtained from renewable sources* and recyclable for minimal environmental impact.

Earth logotype represent Previa’s commitment towards greater ethics and sustainability. We put care and attention in each one of our choices, so that each component is obtained reducing waste as much as possible and focusing on sustainability at each production and consumption stage.
Your daily beauty routine turns into a gesture of love for the planet.


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